A customized Bulgari Serpenti

Bulgari’s heritage influences its designs. The brand’s creations are based in history, reinterpreting the past with a modern twist that makes them striking and more interesting. This is how the idea for the Serpenti collection came about: in both Greek and Roman mythology snakes represent strength, eternity and seductiveness thanks to the elegance of their soft winding bodies. The Serpenti collection was first introduced in the 1940’s and since then the serpentine design has evolved into a creative symbol for the brand.

In 2017 Bulgari has launched this collection that can be customized online and collected at a Bulgari Boutique. In Mumbai these new timepieces are available at Rose The Watch Bar, where you can experience the watches in a proper luxury setting and enjoy the charm of the Serpenti.

The Bulgari Serpenti watches come with interchangeable straps made or Karung Snake Skin or Calf Leather that look absolutely beautiful. The legendary 27 MM case is available in Rose Gold or Stainless Steel with or without a Diamonds-Set Bezel.

In addition to this there are total of six dial options to choose from which are Lacquer, Sunburst, Mother of Pearl and Enamel. This broad array of colours and elements can be mixed and matched to have a highly customized luxury timepiece of sheer beauty.

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